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Seafood Salad

This is not a salad in the sense of tuna salad or crab salad, but in the sense of chef's salad or garden salad. This is also a leftover recipie, meaning it has a very loose ingredient set. If you don't have leftover seafood, we will cover cooking that.

What you will need

What to do

If your seafood is fresh and not the remainder of some previous meal, heat up your frying pan with a dash of oil, just enough to work a thin coating over the bottom of the pan. Once it's heated, toss in the scallops and cover the pan. While that is cooking, slice the swordfish (or subbed whitefish) into managable squares of about three eights of an inch thickness. This will speed the cooking of the fish when it's turn comes.

The scallops will give off a lot of water, so much so that they will pretty much steam in the frying pan. Eventually, when you cut one, they will be consistant in color and texture, and opaque instead of tansluecent, that is the state you want. Remove the scallops from the pan and drain the water. Return the pan to the heat and lay out the fish squares. The scallop water should have washed away most or all of the oil, this is not a problem, do not add more. The fish will cook fast, when it starts turning opaque up the side, flip the squares over and let it finish cooking on the other side. Like with the scallops, when the translucence is gone, it is fully cooked.

At this point, we are going to break down the seafood into very small pieces. To this end, you can use a knife and cutting board or a food processor. If you use the knife and cutting board, make sure you washed both the knife and board after cutting up the fish earlier. You want a very small shred of both the fish and the scallops. It doesn't have to be neat. This can be done in a food processor and will go much faster. When done, add some pepper and stir it in.

Unless you bought your salad greens pre-prepared (I admit it, I've done it frequently), coarsly chop the greens, making sure to remove any cores or inedible portions of the vegitables. Once in bite sized pieces, toss with the seafood shred and cheese. This is easiest in the plastic bag where you can just literally toss it, assuming you leave enough airspace for the components to move. This is a self-dressing salad, meaning you shouldn't need any additional flavoring. But, if your greens make a larger proportion of the meal, you may need some salad dressing - your preference as to type, just remmeber that it shouldn't conflict with the fish.

--Robert McCarroll