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Bacon Fried Rice

This is a Leftover dish - Something thrown together from leftovers in the fridge that were not all that appealing on their own.

What you will need

What to do

Cut the bacon into quarter inch pieces as toss them in your frying pan or wok (shears make this downright trivial compared to a knife and cutting board.) While the bacon is heating up, cut up your scallion or cut off several thin rounds from the stalk of your leek (whichever you are using. I had leftover leeks from the leek soup, so I used that) and add this to your bacon. Let the two cook for a while.

Once the bacon is in good order, add the rice and break up any large clumps that have formed. If, like me, you are using leftover rice, it may be one large clump. It is important to reduce these as much as possible. Crack the egg or eggs into the rice and quickly incorporate everything, distributing the egg as thoroughly as possible through the rice. Add in your spices now.

Continue to stir and turn over the rice while the mix cooks (I know, the rice was pre-cooked, but we just coated it in raw egg). Everything should be well blended and a shade of off-brown when you take it out of the pan.

Serve and enjoy. You can substitute other meats for the bacon, or leave it out entirely, depending on the flavor you want. Additional vegetable additives are also a good idea.

--Robert McCarroll