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Cheese Steak Sandwitch

This is not the classic Philly steak sandwitch because some of the key ingedients are omitted. You will also note there there is no garlic powder anywhere to be found (I guess I don't put it in everything). Most of the time in this is standing over the stove as there are no unattended moments. Don't worry, it's fast.

What you will need

What to do

Cut off any parts of the onion you don't want to eat (the stem and root really) and peel the skin from the remainder. I don't have any advice for peeling onions, I mostly sit there with an annoyed expression until I've removed all of the unappealing layers. Split the onion in half from root to stem and place the flat side on the board. Slice the onion into half-rings until you run out of onion or feel you have enough.

Drop your butter (or margarine) into the frying pan and apply heat. Once the butter is melted, add your onion. We're trying to cook the onion, not sweat it, so a sizzle is a good sound here. When the onion has wilted and the thinner pieces have browned, add your beef. I had the good fortune of finding raw beef that had been run through a deli slicer, so I knew all that I was getting was beef. But if you have to go with the pressed, molded and sliced boxed variety - so be it. Because it is so thin, the beef will cook fast. Keep it moving or you will never be able to unstick it from the bottom of your pan. When most of the pink is gone, add your cheese and give it a chance to melt. Stir it in and remove the heat.

If your rolls did not come pre split, slice them most of the way through and fold them open to lay flat on the plate - we want the top and bottom halves to be still connected. Cover the open face of the rolls with the beef/cheese/onion mixture and fold closed. Serve and enjoy.

--Robert McCarroll