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Leek Soup

Another seemingly random mix of culinary influences, this was an experiment to try to use a vegetable I hadn't worked with much - Leeks.

What you will need

What to do

Cut off the green part of the leek and store the stalk somewhere for another meal. Slice the greens into even 3/4 inch to 1 inch segments. Dump into pot.

Slice the stack of won-ton wrappers into half inch strips. Dump into pot.

Cut the beef into one inch cubes. Dump into pot. If you're using Miso, add a heaped tablespoon now.

Add water to the pot until you can submerge all of the leek greens. The greens will float, so keep the spoon handy to test it. Stir the spices into the water. Apply heat and cover your pan. Every so often, return to the pot and stir the contents. You want to distribute the starches of the won-ton wrappers, which will partially dissolve as they cook. Continue to cook and stir until the greens and beef are cooked. Make sure there are no big lumps of won-ton or miso hiding under the water whenever you stir. You don't want that sneaking up on you when you go to serve. Once everything is cooked, fill a bowl and eat. You may want salt.

Fair warning, the won-ton wrappers will turn into slightly sludgy dumplings of very small size. Try to break these up with your spoon as much as possible and mix the starches into the broth.

I make no guarantees that this will be enjoyed by all or any promices of enjoyment. The recipies listed herein are mainly to my tastes.

--Robert McCarroll