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Some Random Desserts

I recently threw together some simple desserts. One of these is alcoholic, and should only be made by someone of legal age in your locality.

That Dessert

A dessert item I came up with on the fly. Most people will have some issues with this one. I had the advantage of a stand mixer, it is possible with a hand mixer, but will take longer. If you have neither, you will have to do some substitutions.

What you will need

What to do

If you have a good mixer, you can make the homemade whipped cream. If not, you're better off buying premade. Homemade is better and with the right hardware can be downright trivial to make. I have a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, which is the best piece of hardware for this. I've also done it with a hand mixer and it's regular beaters. It took longer that way. In theory, someone good with a whisk would be able to make it by hand - but I don't suggest trying it. If you want to try making the homemade whipped cream, put the heavy cream in the bowl, and apply the mixer. If you have a stand mixer, you can just put it on high and walk away for a bit. With a hand mixer, you have to work to integrate as much air as possible, at first it will seem futile, but it will eventually fluff up. When it starts to resemble whipped cream, add the sugar at a ratio of two tablespoons per cup of cream. Also throw in a dash of vanilla extract. Continue to integrate air until the sugar is integrated and the cream tastes right.

In each glass, pour a inch of egg nog. Add frozen berries until the egg nog looks an inch and a half deep. Top with whipped cream. Serve.

Desperation Blend

Thrown together from random items I had around the apartment, this just filled an empty slot in the menu. As such there is next to no prep.

What you will need

Add walnuts and cranberries in equal portions to the bowl or mug, cover liberally with yoghurt. Pour the alcohol into the middle. Be careful - momentum will carry it through to the bottom of the yoghurt and it will loiter there, with a few splashes on top. You will want to be sure you don't put too much in. Stir to combine the yoghurt and alcohol. This will also integrate the solid items into the mix. Serve and enjoy.

--Robert McCarroll