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Drifting Cranberries

This is an alcoholic beverage, and should only be prepared by those of legal drinking age. Technically, the alcohol can be omitted as the interesting effects are unrelated to it. Note - it is meant to be simple.

What you will need

What to do

Add a shot of your alcohol base to the glass, toss in a small handful of dried cranberries. You can opt to let them soak, but I didn't.

Top off the glass with the carbonated liquid. You will notice that the cranberries become nucleation points for the carbonation. When enough large bubbles have formed on the cranberries, they will float to the top of the glass, a few of the bubbles will burst and they will promptly sink again. This 'lava lamp' effect will continue as long as there is carbonation left. If you're drunk enough, this will be quite amusing. Otherwise, it will be only mildly interesting.

--Robert McCarroll