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Ahi Dashi
Bacon Fried Rice
Bastardized Fried Rice
Beef and Pepper Soup
Cheese steak Sandwitch
Chili, Three Meat
Dessert Debris
Drifting Cranberries
Leek Soup
Occidental Beef and Broccoli
On Corned Beef
Pizza Dough Tricks
Seafood Salad
Vine Pot Pie
Won-Ton Experiment
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Random : Cooking

What's this? A section dedicated to cooking? Welcome to the Anarchic Marches. This zone contains random babble by the site staff. Why am I putting up a section on cooking on this site? Because I have heard too many people whine about being unable to cook. While I don't like to cook, I do like to eat, as such, I set out to learn how to cook. The ramblings here are to enlighten those who claim to not have a clue. I will try to go into detail about all of the steps. I don't intend this as condescending, as I figure anyone who doesn't need this level of detail can't really learn anything from me (I'm not an expert chef or anything). Those who can learn from me could find the level of detail useful.