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Introduction: Illustrator Contest

I originally wrote the stories set in the Everston-Velencite Combine and it's neighbor, the Seven Nations, with the intent of publishing them as normal books. However, I have concluded that this is the wrong format for the stories told therein. I decided that a better format would be as a series of web graphic novels. The main problem I have is that I am no artist. The quality of my prose varies from excellent to lousy, but visual composition is not my strong suit. Thus, in order to bring these stories to their proper form, I must seek out someone who has the visual talents that I am lacking.

In my definition, an illustrator is an artist who can both create from nothing and render someone else's description to a visual form. Having both of these qualities is important because the source text will often have only the central action and characters, with less specific detail the further from the center one gets. In the original text, the reader's imagination would fill the diminishing level of detail, here the Illustrator must take up that task.

To fill the post of Illustrator, I am holding a contest open to any interested parties. The contest form is simple, but is designed to test the skills I regard as essential in an illustrator. Each entrant will be asked to submit several elements from two categories: Character design and Page composition.

Character Design

The entrant must produce six character vignettes from the text provided in 'Photo Shoot'. The images in question are the Grenadiers' Advert posters as described in the text. Currently, neither the uniform nor the logo of Griffin's Grenadiers has been designed by me, so entrants are invited to design their own as part of the submission. For the two images containing Waylan 'Griffin' Griffith, entrants will need to know what the rank insignia of a Combine Major looks like. It is:

The text can be found here. or at the link in the left navigation bar.

Page Composition

The entrant must convert two scenes of prose to a format suitable for release as a web graphic novel. These scenes were selected to test the entrant's ability to create background scenery and to draw convincing combat sequences. Three of the characters who appear in these sequences also appear in the Character Design component of the contest (Waylan 'Griffin' Griffith, Nigel Frost and Alex 'Chaos' Crowe). Three do not (Yumi, Mrs. Frost and Frank Frost).

The dialogue in these scenes is minimal, but must be presented. The first of these scenes "Frost's Commute" provides an opportunity to present a few scenes of internal monologue, but these must not drown out the background of Frost's entry into Dergraad. (Frost's commute is about scenery and setting.) The second scene, " Yumi's Fight" is there for combat choreography. The entry needn't be slavish about following the exact moves described in the text, but the end results (injuries, etc) should be the same.

The entrant will need the description of the Combine 'Dress Black' uniform which Frost is wearing in the first sequence. That can be found here. In the second sequence, the Griffin, Frost and Chaos are in their Grenadier uniforms - so making them match your character design submission might be a good idea. The attire of the other characters is up to the entrant to design.

Other Requirements

While it may be somewhat obvious, the winning entrant must be fluent in English and be willing to work with me to produce the best possible product.

What the Winner Gets

Mostly, more work. This contest is intended to find someone who is both willing and able to take up the post as joint creator of content for this web graphic novel. I write the stories, create the elements therein to the best of my abilities, give the characters their personalities, etc. The winner takes my work and adds the all important visual aspect. I also maintain the web site unless the winner really, really wants to (that part is negotiable).

Legal Stuff

All entrants agree to allow their submissions to be posted to this site with the possible addition of a watermark. Entrants may use their work in their portfolios as as example of what they can do, but entrants agree not to use the work done for the submission in a competing web graphic novel or similar publication. Entrants must only submit their own work - after all, this is a contest to find someone to do this on a regular basis, so submitting someone else's work would be self defeating. Entrants understand that not all submissions will be posted and that no reason will be given for why a particular submission is not posted to the site.

This contest will remain open until an illustrator is found.


Indications of submissions should be sent to scribe at evcombine.net . Images should be in .png format. Any entry which contains a virus, exploit or other maliciousness will automatically be discarded. If you host your entry on a third party site, it must be one which will permit me to download the full sized image without having an account.