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Hosting isn't free. To defray the cost of bringing you the content of this site, I have set aside some screen real estate which I lease to Google. I will do my best to make sure no inappropriate adverts appear in that box, but in the end, Google picks what shows up there. Google picks its ads in two ways, first it scans the content of EVCombine.net for keywords and selects from its advertisers items which it thinks might be related. The second method involves setting cookies on the machine of the visitor. These leave a trail of 'cookie crumbs' showing what 'Ads by Google' sites the visitor has been to. Google then picks adverts related to that array of sites to display. As there is no secure zone which requires a login to enter on this site, I set no cookies on your machine. Any cookies set will be from the advert block. It's only fair that I tell you everything I know about the agreement without descent into legalese.

While yes, there are free hosting options, you will note that those also have adverts, only they tend to be more intrusive and the webmaster has even less control over what goes in them. I chose the option best suited to the clean and simple look of this site. (Besides, none of those would have the bandwidth options for what I plan to do here.)

-- Robert McCarroll