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Plotholes and Nitpicks

I'm only human, I make mistakes, and some of them are bigger than others. Some, lets call them nitpicks, can be explained away, so I'll do my best to explain them. Because this contains Plotholes, there will be spoilers! I will be setting up an e-mail address for people to submit additional plotholes and nitpicks.

Didn't Xiv Hear important information in the lab? Why didn't anyone follow up on that?

Oops. I overlooked that when I was writing. My editor spotted it, but I wasn't able to properly pave over that plot hole. I guess the characters forgot about it.

In the 'First contact' photograph from Shadowboy, the Scyan ambassador only had three fingers per hand, but in 'Dirge of Carcosa', Jace has four. What gives?

I figure that being born with only two thumbs instead of four is a congenital condition regarded no worse than being left-handed for humans.

Did you just do a nitpick from an unpublished book?

Yes. But in my defense, it will be published at some point, making this question moot.

At several points you say that a hero suit wicks perspiration away from the skin, but you also have Travis state that there's sweat trickling down his back while wearing one. How's that work?

The true version is that when I first wrote that line, I hadn't fully defined the parameters of the material from which a hero suit is made. It shouldn't have left any sweat for him to feel. It may have been psychosomatic given his circumstances.

Why is Page 201 Blank?

It's not blank, it has a carriage return on it. Actually, if you have a copy with a blank page 201, you have an author's proof copy. I got five and gave some away. I fixed that error before the retail prints happened.

On Page 21, you used too instead of to.

I fixed that, the typo will only be on the early copies.