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Travis Colfax was born into the Hero life. His parents were pillars of the community, and he became a sidekick at the age of nine.

He is the only member of the family to not manifest a power.

His sister has extraordinary speed. His brother can talk to the dead.

Seven years in, he's starting to have his doubts about continuing a career in Heroics. Plagued by his own failures, he's giving serious thought to simply hanging up the mask for good and moving on. If only he knew what he wanted to do with his life.

The rest of the Hero community grows distracted by an alien threat and they overlook a far more human danger lurking in New Port Arthur. A few missing Gang members and a rambling madman leads Travis to stumble upon a calculating, lethal scientist whose plans have so far eluded the notice of the authorities, despite a trail of corpses left behind.

As the trajectory of Doctor Omicron's plan unravels, Travis discovers he must find himself and muster what help he can before the amoral researcher unleashes an even greater danger on an unsuspecting world.